Richard M. Baron

 “Construction is a tough business, and contractors need sound yet practical legal advice if they are to make that business work. We bring sophisticated expertise to your problems, develop workable solutions in understandable terms, and make sure that you get the personalized attention you deserve.”

Richard M. Baron

Our Background

Mr. Baron has been an attorney since 1980. He is admitted to the bars of New Jersey, New York, Florida and the District of Columbia, together with the bars of several Federal courts.

Beginning with construction law in 1981, he has solely dedicated his practice to this field and the companies who are engaged in the building process. His experience includes all sizes of disputes and projects on matters like: construction and mechanics liens; payment and performance bond claims; public bidding disputes; delay and acceleration, extra work;  substandard workmanship and terminations; contract negotiations, reviews and drafting; and ongoing consulting.

Mr. Baron was one of the primary drafters of the New Jersey Construction Lien Law. He has written extensively for the construction industry, and has lectured to various construction industry groups. Mr. Baron is also the publisher of “Plumb Law”. Sample editions can be found under “Construction Law Articles.”